Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smith gets deserved shout-out from old coach

I teased Coach Rodney Garner some yesterday in the wake of his visit to Athens. But last night I caught up on some of his quotes and noticed something he said that has been sticking in my craw a bit.
“I would think Garrison (Smith) being a senior, he would be the leader. He’s got to be the guy that sets the tone for them. But he’s got some really good young guys that are going to bring a lot of athleticism to the table. I know Chris and coach (Todd) Grantham will do a good job of having those guys ready.”
Garrison Smith. Never heard an ill word about the guy. And while Swann continues to get much of the press about being the experience to help the youth on the defensive side of the ball (and deservedly so, for sure), Smith is the senior amidst all that inexperience. After tallying 57 tackles (including a career high eight against Tech) last year, we're lucky to have that guy around another season.

In fact, I'd bet Smith will help Murray carry the torch for the team at SEC Media Days. Damn Good Dawg!