Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So, what'd I miss?

Spent all day yesterday reading up on things. Of course, some of what happened while I was away I caught through some twitters and some email. But yesterday was my first real chance to catch up. So here goes.

Of course, there were a few commitments for the 2014 class. Friend of the blog Jason suggested I stay in Costa Rica for the benefit of recruiting. Unfortunately, Coach Richt did not return my requests for money. That really bummed the wife out...

Alas, the Dawgs may not need such drastic measures. Getting Chubb, Parrish and Park added to the commitment list last week sets the momentum for what could be another good summer for Richt. Even though it's hard to get excited about something that's not official for several more months, there's no denying that the positive news catches other recruits eyes. And Kipp Adams does a great job of outlining ($) the top prospects that Richt is still after in the upcoming class.

Coach Richt Is My Dawg 1 photoFreshman Reggie Wilkerson will be out this season after tearing up his knee. The early-enrollee was expected to compete at cornerback some this fall as well as special teams, especially after a good spring.

New diamond skipper Scott Stricklin was unable to lure away his Kent State pitching coach Mike Birkbeck, who chose to remain as the Golden Flash's pitching coach.

Next, Florida had a player was arrested. But it wasn't anything serious like an invalid license or anything. So I don't think it interrupted any AJC Sports department meetings. Don't get Chippy!! Still, this isn't the kind of leadership Muschamp wants from his probable starting middle linebacker. Hopefully the judge asks Morrison to state his name before the case is thrown out.

Tennessee has found a neat way to avoid having to add up any bowl expenses...fail more classes!!

Johnny Manziels wants out of College Station, even though he loves it so, but not before his twitter followers walk in his shoes. I'm as yet unclear as to which high profile sporting event they will need to meet him at to complete such a request. Stay tuned.

I also want to say thanks to Marshall for the kind words. Y'all should check out his writing at The Piedmont Chronicles. Good stuff, especially for you local history buffs.