Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swann - "I think we're going to shock a lot of people."

I like what starting cornerback has to say about Tray Matthews and the defense wearing the same shoe as the offense wore last season. But I'd just as soon everyone hold onto the "we've got a lot of questions on this young defense" for a while.
“I think once we get guys playing in those big games and producing in those big games, winning on the road and protecting our house, and once guys realize how good they can be, we can be just as good if not better than the defense from last year,” Swann said. “Last year a lot of people didn’t know what to expect a lot from our offense, and they had high expectations for the defense. The offense came out and put up tremendous numbers. Now the shoe is on the other foot; I think we’re going to shock a lot of people.”
Again. Don't get me wrong. I agree with everything Mr. Swann says. This defense won't have the stars in their eyes that Shawn Williams had to knock loose last season.

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