Saturday, July 20, 2013

Five star DT Lamont Gaillard commits to Georgia

A huge commitment for Coach Richt and his staff. Gaillard (6'4", 300lbs) is one of the top overall prospects in the nation and ranked #2 at his position. He's from Fayetteville NC and has chosen Georgia over Alabama, Clemson and Florida, among many, many others.

Even if you don't put much stock in "commitments" or recruiting in general, this is pretty big news for Dawg fans. That can't really deny. For one it shows that despite a small class in 2014 that is down to its last few spots available, Georgia continues to target top players and convince them Athens is the place to be. And also, Chris Wilson is becoming quite a force in recruiting overall and as a coach that can sell his position.

And from what Gaillard's high school coach says ($), you can see why Wilson really wanted North Carolina's top prospect.
“For a big guy, he runs very well,” Sochovka said. “He has great lateral movement down the line of scrimmage. There is one play on his highlight tape where, when I saw it, I told him jokingly before all this exploded, ‘That is going to be the one that gets you recruited.’ He came down the line of scrimmage, fought off a double-team, the play went outside and he made a tackle three or four yards downfield. He said, ‘But I didn’t make the sack.’ I told him it wasn’t about that. ‘You did everything you were supposed to do and you caught the guy from behind. That was a great effort and what they want to see.’ ” 
“They are going to get a player that can play all three downs,” Sochovka said. “He’s good enough on the pass rush and quick enough off his explosion that you don’t have to bring in a smaller, quicker guy to give you an inside pass rush. He is definitely a guy who can play all three downs at the college level.”