Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Juggling" Murray and Mason

Emerson has some suggestions for Richt's staff as we near the August heat and preparation for the season opener. Some of it is easy stuff like situational kicking/going for it in lieu of Marshall Morgan's expected absence. There's also a valid point made about how to handle the safety position while Harvey-Clemons sits.

But this hits even closer to home.
3. Don’t force Hutson Mason into games
Mark Richt has said Mason has earned the right to play, but has also said it won’t be a David Greene-D.J. Shockley arrangement. Good. What’s the happy medium? Not to be callous, but it shouldn’t keep Richt up at night. Aaron Murray has proven his worth and there’s no reason to mess with an offense that works. Mason, by virtue of his willingness to take the redshirt, has put himself in line to be the unquestioned starter as a senior. He’s also the unquestioned first guy in if something happens to Murray. That should be enough, and Georgia isn’t under any obligation to give him anything more.
That last sentence is on the money. Will be interesting to see if Richt feels the same way and does less juggling than he did with Greene-Shockley and more managing.