Friday, July 26, 2013

Kolton Houston emerges from Emmert's purgatory

When I read the news last night I had to do a double take. We are Dawgs after all and are not used to receiving good news and fair pardons from the NCAA. Did my eyes deceive me?

Of course, the answer is thankfully no. On his birthday Kolton Houston tasted the cake of eligibility. I bet it was the sweetest celebration he could've imagined. An exhausting battle is finally won and to the victor go the spoils of football, between the hedges!

Ron Courson surely celebrated too. Or perhaps he just collapsed into a deep slumber after putting up a seemingly endless and senseless fight against the NCAA for years in Kolton's behalf. All the tests administered by him and his staff...all the analysis and advocating. UGA is lucky to have Dr. Courson in its corner for sure. Well done good sir!

And Mark Richt...what could he possibly be thinking? A good omen? Fair news from the NCAA? The same organization that once indicted his all world receiver by means of a TMZ report, one that was about as factual as a George O'Leary résumé. I bet our coach is still pinching himself!

Yes. Things have a way of working out sometimes, even if the watch says it's half past about damn time. As I laid my head down last night I had a vision. On September 7th, in Sanford Stadium, Jadeveon Clowney is going to meet a man who's been waiting three long years to hear his name called over the loud speaker. A man who's been held captive and stripped of the game he loves. He's been caged up and away from the opportunity to prove his skill and earn a spot on the depth chart. I don't know if a mere mortal can stop Clowney, but I'd wager he's never lined up against someone as eager to play in Sanford as Kolton Houston.

Can you hear the cheers, the chants? Can you feel the love and the eagerness? Can you see the tears of the frenzied crowd?!? I can.

"It's time to TEE it up BETWEEN the HEDGES!!" #KoltonisFREE