Thursday, July 25, 2013

Receiving high praise

Mike Bobo's been in Athens a long time. He's seen quite a few talented receivers over the years, both as Georgia's quarterback and as a coach on Richt's staff. And that's why this stands as pretty high praise:
Bobo certainly likes this group of receivers.
“It’s a complete group,” he said.
He was on staff when Georgia had Reggie Brown, Fred Gibson and Terrence Edwards at receiver.
“I wouldn’t trade this group for any group that I’ve had since I’ve been here just because you’ve got so many guys who can do so much,” he said.
Is Coach Bobo blowing sunshine? After all, Terrance Edwards holds numerous career and season receiving records including career receptions and career yards. But as it turns out, the statistics support Bobo's statement.

Last season Georgia tallied a whopping 3991 yards receiving, 3,150 of which came from the receiving corps. The 2002 squad, headlined by Edwards, Gibson and Brown, totaled 2,818 yards receiving. In 2003, the receivers lost Edwards and gained 2,298 yards. In fact, the 2008 season which featured AJ Green and Mohammed Massaquoi, is the only season that comes close to last year with a combined 2,887 yards from the receiving corps.

So it becomes easy to see why Bobo is excited about the talent and the depth for this group. His excitement might only be exceeded by Aaron Murray's.

*Receiving stats taken from various sites and then adjusted to reflect actual receivers' total.