Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things Richt will NOT say in Hoover this morning

Like you I'm sure, I'll be watching as Richt, Murray, Lynch and Smith descend on SEC Media Days and own it like a boss. You can follow me on twitter for instantaneous reactions. But here's a collection of things I do not expect to hear from Richt's podium:
  • "Gonna have to make this quick. I'm standing a pool of Muschamp's tears here."
  • "Yeh, I'm scared of that Clowney kid too....scared he's gonna actually be asked to attend a class! AmIRight?!?"
  • "Shut the f--- up Bianchi!"
  • "Let spurrier talk pretty. We're gonna do prison ward-yard time things to him come September 7th."
  • "My wife's hotter than Freeze's. With or without a visor!"
  • "But yes. I did in fact recruit Driskel as a water girl."
  • "It's a shame Manziel can't hold his wine coolers. Damn shame."
  • "Yeh, Garner tried to turn me in for butt dialing a recruit once. Look where he ended up. Effin' auburn."
  • "Wait. Missouri is a conference opponent? I thought that was just an cute non-SEC BCS home and home. Cheer the eff up Pinkel."
  • "Shut the f--- up Dodd!"
  • "I'm not leaving until I hear Coach Gotdamn Stoops bark like a Dawg!"
  • "You're asking me about a schedule like I give a shit. We play football son. Whoever shows up better line up."
  • "Yes. It's true. My daughter once had a doll named Manziel."
  • "Steve Shaw is Latin for 'Dial is my girlfriend'."
  • "Shut the f--- up Saban! You're not on til 11:20."
If I'm wrong I can only imagine the ajc headlines tomorrow. But, a Dawg can dream can't he?