Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where is your "acceptance" of being five yards short?

In 1969, Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross introduced five stages of grief in her book "On Death and Dying". In theory, it was proposed that people work through a process that takes them through the following: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. It's a fluid process, but nonetheless a theory that has been widely accepted and used for decades.

Tonight my friends, you have another chance to work through your own grief over last year's loss to Alabama. As Logan reminds us, ESPNU has finally counted down to the best game of the 2012 season. They've worked through all of the other tackle football conferences with merely epic games and semi-dramatic finishes. And now they've come to the only game that could possibly be labeled as the best game of 2012. It airs tonight on ESPNU at 9:00pm.

I know some one or two of you have already re-watched the SECCG. And I know many of you have no plans to subject yourself to the misery. As Logan explains, this is a personal choice. I just felt compelled to re-submit to you the following links:
If you are still in the doldrums...if you can't get past that game even seven months removed from it...if you're not ready to even think about the 2013 campaign yet...then I strongly urge you to watch the game again. See the purpose and determination in Richt's team. See the amount of fight in the Dawg. See the way we stood toe to toe with one of college football's greatest teams ever.

Then you can click the off button...delete the game from your DVR if necessary...and go to sleep. 

Thirty four days y'all. Don't get stuck in the past.