Friday, August 23, 2013

Bulldog themed smart phone keyboard GIVEAWAY!!

If you're an Android user, check this out. There's a new downloadable keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies that not only sports the colors and logo of the Georgia Bulldogs, but also has hundreds of unique words in its specialized dictionary that Dawg fans love to use. I have an apple in my pocket, but I continuously hear how great the Android keyboard is.

Regardless, it just got better. Take a look:


What's more is I've got five of these as FREE DOWNLOADS just for you...IF you can tell me the overall series record between Georgia and Clemson. So get to googling and come back here and lay your answer down in the comments. First five correct comments get this customized keyboard for FREE!

(PS - don't just trust the first comment and copy the answer. You know some people who read blogs are nearly as dumb as the people who write them...)