Saturday, August 3, 2013

But so did Jarvis...

Jordan Jenkins has big shoes to fill for sure. Jarvis Jones had 14.5 [edit] sacks last season alone. But which came first, the system or the star player?

A Georgia defensive pass rusher has thrived in Grantham's system in every year he's been in Athens. Justin Houston used his junior season to vault into the NFL. Then Jarvis did the same in 2011 and 2012. So odds are in Jordan Jenkins favor. Still, he, his teammates and his coaches are cautiously optimistic.
  • “Jordan has all the characteristics you look for in playmakers. I think it’s just a matter of working and developing and perfecting his craft. If he does that, I think I’m excited about what he can do.” - Coach Grantham
  • “He’s quick, strong, fast, agile. He’s everything. He’ll definitely set the tone for this defense off the edge.” - Mike Thornton
  • “I think he’ll probably get some of the same type of opportunities that he got a year ago, but that remains to be seen. If they watch film and say he’s the guy we’ve got to do something different with, he may have to learn to beat some more double teams than he’s ever had to deal with.” - Coach Richt
  • “He knows that he needs to perform and I think he will...It will be fun to watch him this year and hopefully he’s Jarvis-esque on the field.” - John Theus
  • “Personally, I just want to be able to keep the fans happy, keep myself happy and just have a great year this year...Just have that breakaway year that I want and my family wants.” - Jenkins