Monday, August 19, 2013

"Green" secondaries

Both in Athens...
“It looks banged up,” Richt said. “You can’t hardly get better if you don’t practice. You can learn some things watching walkthroughs, film study. You can learn, but until you’re out there doing it, it’s just so hard to get good at anything. Also, to know what they’re getting, what they’re comprehending, what they’re able to execute.”
...and in Clemson...
"We’re pretty beat-up. We held Robert ( Smith) today. We held Travis (Blanks) today…We still have several guys that have been out. We probably would have limited them today even if they had been cleared to go. It was good to get all those guys working…(Freshman DB Adrian Baker) has been out too. He’s a guy that was having as good a camp as anybody. He looks better, but he hasn’t practiced (lately)."
...the secondaries have been green, related to both inexperience and the non-contact jerseys they've been susceptible to. With less than two weeks to prepare for the nation's biggest opening game, you can start to hear some frustration coming from both camps. Richt in particular needs a safety to replace Harvey-Clemons and a couple cornerbacks to line up in the nickel.

The good news for Georgia is that a couple freshmen went big in the last scrimmage. Shaq Wiggins and Brendan Langley had interceptions and according to Damian both have about a pick a practice. It would be a tremendous step in the right direction if Grantham and Lakatos felt comfortable with either against Clemson's attack led by Heisman candidate Tajh Boyd.

This is not a problem either program wants to have, but the staff that best prepares in spite of it may be the one to come out on top when this rivalry renews.