Monday, August 12, 2013

No more "Moreno effect"

Back in February, Georgia signed AJ Turman, JJ Green and Brendan Douglas as possible backups to Gurley and Marshall. At a different time in Mark Richt's tenure, all three would've been facing a year of the scout team and otherwise looking up at fifth year senior walkons.

My how things've changed.
There is not a clear leader to be the No. 3 tailback, but Bobo indicated that J.J. Green could have the advantage because he practiced in the spring and “has made plays for us offensively.” That includes in the passing game.
A.J. Turman has shown positive signs before missing practice time late in the week with ankle and knee injuries. Brendan Douglas has shown good vision running and has been an “excellent pass protector,” Bobo said.
Green, Turman and Douglas, all freshmen, could all play this year.
“We’ve got to get all three of them ready to play special teams,” Bobo said.
 Fabris is rolling over in a cornfield somewhere.