Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Practice notes - 11 days

As Richt has noted, there's no more Georgia against Georgia. It's all Georgia against Clemson now. We're getting very, very close.
  • Injuries still rule the day. We have no safeties. Malcolm Mitchell has swelling in the knee, that may or may not be normal. Cornerback is looking healthier, but not at full strength yet. I hear there's a tickle in Grantham's throat too. Jeebus.
  • But seriously, safety is not just a nagging issue any longer. It's a RED ALERT! We're down to Connor Norman, Quincy Mauger and Marc Deas. If Will Muschamp had any eligibility left he'd even be threatening the two-deep.
  • The good injury news is that Chris Burnette appears to be full strength now. They were really curbing the number of reps he's been taking thus far. But now he's being spelled less and less. Also, Chris Mayes (NT) missed most of camp with a concussion but was back on the field at least yesterday, albeit in a green jersey. That's a good first step back for him and really good to hear. Jay Rome is full speed after nursing a bum ankle. And Tim Kimbrough (ILB) was also seen in a green jersey after sitting out to recover from a knee sprain.
  • Some good quotes from Keith Marshall as he was reminiscent of how close he was to becoming a Clemson Tiger yesterday. "The places are very similar. Both have good head coaches and do the right thing. It was a tough decision, but I’m very glad I came to Georgia. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
  • Kolton Houston has become August's jack of all trades along the offensive line ever since being reinstated by the NCAA. He's still getting the longest looks at right tackle though, where he's battling against incumbent starter John Theus.
  • And with much of the attention along the line going towards Houston (understandably), Watts Dantzler is quietly having a good summer. He says that things are finally clicking for him in terms of the playbook and his size, strength.
  • Lastly, Adam Erickson was practicing kickoffs without the aid of a jet ski.
Today, the scout team enters the picture with Ryne Rankin playing the role of Tajh Boyd. (just kidding, not really)