Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tramel Terry carrying a big chip

Imagine, if you will, being a state's top football prospect. Everyone across the nation wants you to run routes and score touchdowns on their campus, especially the two in state programs. And yet you cross the border and decide you want to suit up for a rival program.

You have to think Tramel Terry is hearing it from everybody back in his home state. His Georgia Bulldogs play both Clemson and South Carolina the first two weeks of the season. He was going to get a chance to shut the home town haters up, with his own hands and feet doing the talking. The coaches that chastised him for choosing the Dawgs would eat their own words.

At least that's how he envisioned it before last December's knee injury as he headed into an all-star game to feature his talents. He left that game with a torn ACL and has been rehabbing it ever since with the hopes of living out his vision of helping to take down the Tigers and the Gamecocks while catching passes from Aaron Murray under the lights.

Now, that vision is faint. Terry was painstakingly honest about his progress yesterday.
“Right now, I’m not ready,” he said. “I’m not ready at all. … I’ve got to feel like myself,. Of course, I don’t. I’ve got to build confidence in the coaches right now. They don’t want to put me out there if I’m not ready.”
The frustration oozes from every word in that quote.

Of course, if Terry isn't ready later this month, he'll get another opportunity next year to beat both Clemson and South Carolina. However, it's doubtful that makes what he's going through now any easier. We can only wish Terry a healthy and full recovery.

Your time is coming big guy! We'll be ready to rise to our feet. Go Dawgs!