Friday, September 13, 2013

Brendan Langley - NOT a freshman on the field

Lot of talk this week about Brendan Langley's performance thus far as the corner opposite Swann. He's played there in front of a slightly more experienced Sheldon Dawson and fellow freshman Shaq Wiggins. He was obviously targeted by Connor Shaw and gave up a couple touchdowns.

Or did he?

On the rewatch it is plain to see that on at least one of those touchdowns there is a lost Corey Moore no where near Langley or receiver Nick Jones despite Langley pressing coverage. Still, the "freshman" cornerback blames himself, and miscommunication.
“The first one was a miscommunication between me and the safety,” Langley said. “That’s my inexperience. … I can’t blame that on him. I’m not a freshman. There’s nothing freshman about me except my class schedule.”
Is that a great quote or what? In fact, Langley is full of them. Try this one, referencing a fourth quarter pass break up where he closed quickly on an out route:
“They call it a [pass break-up], I’m going to call it a dropped pick.”
Then Grantham added:
“If he makes that interception there, then you guys are talking about how the young guy’s making plays now. He had a chance to make a play.”
Langley has great size, maturity, speed and long arms, exactly what we need out of our defensive backs. Given that he's only been on campus a month, I expect we'll be talking about the plays he's making sooner rather than later.