Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gurley and Marshall - dual threats

In this Q&A with Ching, Murray talks about yet another of the many weapons at his disposal.
Q: You talked during the offseason about getting him and Keith Marshall the ball through the air and both of them had touchdown catches against South Carolina. Obviously, that was a functional part of the offense on Saturday.

A: Oh yeah. We want to get those guys the ball any way we can. Both of them are tremendous out of the backfield. Everyone sees them as running, running, running, but I don't think either of them have dropped a pass ever. Great hands, knock on wood, but both of them have great hands and like I said, you get the ball in their hands anyway possible and let them be them. 
You add Hicks in there and the backfield has accounted for 8% of Murray's completions, and together they're averaging 19 yards per catch. If you're a defensive coordinator with Georgia on the schedule, these guys may not surprise you any longer when they catch the ball.

But that only adds to the problem and the sleepless nights.