Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LSU's offense - downhill and vertical

This is a good look at how new LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has molded the new offense in Baton Rouge. From his impact on Mettenberger's development, how he runs things like an NFL team and the differences in the running attack (albeit slight).

Because the Tigers are still going to run it right at you. Again and again.
While the differences may be most obvious in the passing game, Blue said there have been changes for the running backs, too - more motion, more empty sets. When it comes to running the ball, however, LSU's offense will look more familiar, Blue said - with himself, Jeremy Hill, Terrence Magee and Kenny Hilliard sharing carries and running downhill.
"The hot hand gets the ball," said Blue, whose 153 yards are third on the team behind Magee's 210 and Hill's 167. "That's real motivation. With all four of us in the backfield, there's a lot of competition back there. We're all great backs. Once you get in, you try to stay in.
And again.