Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Strict-lin

Folks. The Scott Stricklin era officially began yesterday. The coaches and players took the field which gave the media a chance to get a peek into what's been going on since the new regime took over earlier this summer.
Stricklin collaborated with his strength coach, Ryan Gearheart, who came with him from Kent State, to begin the change. Gearheart has instituted a football-like environment in the weight room, facilitating daily competitions between players. That has created a new energy in the locker room that second baseman Nelson Ward said has been lacking for a couple years.
“Now instead of dreading going to the weight room we’re looking forward to it, looking forward to trying to beat somebody each day,” said pitcher Pete Nagel, who missed last season due to Tommy John surgery.
That's just one small part. The players also talk about the differences in the rules and expectations and the general feeling overall. Good read. Perhaps sophomore Sean McLaughlin put it best:
“It was definitely just a different ball game once he stepped in here."