Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OBC singing "the way we were..."

Lots of good nuggets on the Sakerlina head coach here, including the fact that he has a brand new grandbaby. (Hope she grows up to like horsey sauce with her Banquet beer.)

But Spurrier sounds a bit nostalgic when talking about the hate we have for him.
“I don’t get near the hate from the Georgia side I used to get,” said Spurrier. “It’s hard, you’ve got to realize it’s hard for Georgia to really get mad at South Carolina. They’ve got so many teams they’re mad it or are mad at them. It’s hard to get another big rival for Georgia. They’ve got Georgia Tech, Florida, Auburn. They almost had a fight with Vanderbilt a couple years ago, some of their coaches, at least…We still haven’t beaten them enough for them to sort of circle South Carolina. But we’ve been fortunate the last few years.”
I've always held a bitter heart towards the man, while also admitting (and admiring, at times) that he just gets it. When he retires I plan on sending Spurrier a copy of this picture so he'll never forget us. I'm sure he holds a place in his heart for Stanfill. A BIG one.

If you'd like to autograph it as well, let me know.