Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Offensive line will have better cell service at Sanford

There was much made around Clempson when they installed "data enhancers" at the top of the stadium to improve cell service. This Saturday proved that they were just cosmetic fluff as fans couldn't talk, text or tweet until sometime Sunday morning. Those is attendance thought they had found the worst of all #firstworldproblems.

But then Georgia's offensive line had to function in an insane environment at unGodly decibels. The result was more than disappointing for a unit that had finally, finally received some good fall camp press in August. The result was four Clemson sacks, five tackles for loss and a lot of shuffling to find a working solution. It never came.
“A lot of times when you play in an environment like this it throws you off your cadence,” Richt said. “You just don’t get the jump you want off the line. I think the crowd noise had a lot to do with that.”
Georgia made a lot of noise about the depth of its offensive line during fall camp. There were extensive talks of a deep rotation. Offensive line coach Will Friend even had plans to rotate as many eight players throughout the game. While Georgia didn’t quite rotate eight against Clemson, it played enough of its lineup to give its linemen a quick breather.
Friendlier confines won't solve all of the offensive line's problems. But it sure won't hurt. Hope this unit has a good week of preparation.