Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spurrier's just branching out y'all

It peaked our curiosity this week when Richt mentioned that Steve Spurrier counseled him as to which job to avoid. Now he's managing a local Columbia newspaper's roster.
“The publisher of the paper has removed Ron from any coverage of the football program, which down there is akin to the Washington Post not letting Dan Balz write about government,” one of Morris’s former colleagues told me. “Effectively, he’s being forced out at the behest of the football coach, with the publisher not standing up for him.”
I get the angst over all this. A football coach shouldn't be editing newsprint. God knows I don't need the shadow of his visor over my keyboard.

But look, y'all've got this all wrong. Spurrier has evidently always wanted to be a career counselor. Why do you think he really got upset when Kiffin offered career analytical data for the top recruits in South Carolina?

It's just that the Ol' Ball Coach is not good enough at it to quit his day job. Yet.