Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday's Thoughts on orange balloons

This will take a lot less time than Clempson post-game traffic.

- If you were there you saw what as difference the crowd can make. As Murray said, they expected it but there's no way to prepare for that level of intensity.
- there was a few times the crowd could've been taken out of the equation, but they were just relentless. And their team did nothing to hinder the noise level.
- that being said, booing injured players is gamecock level disfunction and low class Clemson. Don't be assholes.
- Onto the game, it was every bit the shoot out people expected. Clemson made fewer mistakes and won. Plain and simple.
- the turnovers were huge momentum shifts. The botched snap looms even larger.
- but crowd and mistakes aside, the Tigers were better prepared. I thought they challenged the defense to each sideline and vertically, made Grantham's guys defined the entire field. They also ran the ball much better than I expected.
- not sure why Bobo didn't make more of an effort to stretch things out to open up some of those run lanes in the middle. Also, losing Mitchell hurt, but we had other deep threats that weren't used. That might've been a statement about confidence in an offensive line that was struggling. But it's something to think about this week and moving forward.
- Quayvon Hicks is the real deal. As expected.
- Clemson guy next to me asked why Gurley isn't a Heisman candidate. "He is. Obviously."
- on the defensive side I'm lead to two questions: how good is clemson and how good is Josh Harvey-Clemons. 

More later. I've gotta go pack. Great game. Gut wrenching decision.  Lots of football left. 

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