Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday's very hoarse thoughts

The most intense and loudest game I've been a part of in Sanford. I might be saying that out of leftover emotions from the win, but it truly was a special experience. The fans really brought it. The students were unbelievable. One of those times you can say with certainty that together we were a twelfth man doing our part to help the team win.
  • Grantham did a good job of limiting the LSU rush attack. 
  • But all of that success was overshadowed by the three man rushes on third and long. YGTBFKM!
  • LSU converted 10/15 third downs. Against a great offense like the Tigers' that can be expected I guess. But the distances they traveled to convert some of those is troubling. And especially frustrating given how good of a job we did against Hill. 
  • Okay, on to the positives...
  • A little surprised we used so much shotgun. Made me feel a little silly for emphasizing the fullback position so much earlier in the week. Oh well. It definitely worked as Bobo was content from start to finish with spreading their defense out and letting Murray do his thing.
  • Marshall became the workhorse and was close to breaking a couple for long ones.
  • The offensive line was tremendous, again. Murray had all the time he needed and more. The running lanes were there more often than not.
  • And pass protection was one of the keys to this victory. Georgia sacked Mett four times and pressured him into some bad throws as well. We knew that would be important as he is not the same quarterback when forced to move. Meanwhile, Murray rarely felt pressure and kept a clean jersey.
  • Willie Martinez will look at game film later today and wonder how in the hell he's going to cover all of these receivers.
  • Of course he'll also hope Gurley doesn't make the trip. (More on that later, but sounds like it's about 50/50. We'll see how much he can practice this week.)
  • Well hello there Marshall Morgan.
  • And hello to you as well Josh Harvey-Clemons!
  • Another key to the win obviously was special teams. Beckham is a very dangerous return man and we contained him really well. Our gunners lit him up good on the bobbled punt. That was huge.
Lastly, fitting that Murray and Mettenberger finished the game with almost identical passer ratings. Both played a whale of a game. Sure am glad it was our guy taking a knee at the end.