Monday, September 30, 2013

The week of "stepping out of Gurley's shadow"

While tailgating Saturday we had a discussion about our tailback recruiting. It started, of course, with remarks about how we were able to get both Gurley and Marshall. Then about how we didn't hesitate to play JJ Green and Brendan Douglas early this season. The message that sends to recruits is important - Come to Georgia if you want carries early.

In short, there's going to be extenuating circumstances if we are to redshirt a Knowshon Moreno again.

And this week, that's important. Todd Gurley may or may not play in Knoxville. My early guess is that he dresses out, but is limited in the number of plays he's involved in. And while that is very premature speculation, what we actually know for certain is that Gurley will be giving up a lot of reps in practice.
Talking about Green, Richt said on his Sunday evening teleconference that “he’s definitely going to have to have more carries this week. Brendan Douglas will have to have more carries this week if we can’t get Gurley ready. We’ve just kind of got to wait and see what’s going to happen. …My guess is Gurley’s going to be limited in the amount of practice reps he takes so these guys have got to get those reps and be ready to play.”
Suddenly very, very relieved those new freshmen won't be getting their first action on the road while on national television.