Friday, September 27, 2013

Who has the bigger game, Herrera or Barrow?

The case for Herrera. Dude has been a magnet for tackles this season, and a bright spot on a defense that has struggled with its youth. He will need a big game tomorrow if Grantham's defense is going to stop the LSU ground attack. Much of the time he'll be going toe to toe with the Tiger's enormous fullback - JC Copeland. Herrera gives up some size there, but I like Georgia's defensive front (even against a very athletic and talented LSU offensive line) to free up enough space to allow Herrera to get to the ball carrier early and often.

The case for Barrow. Like his UGA counterpart, Lamin Barrow is the experienced leader for his position group. When LSU makes a tackle, Barrow is usually in the middle of it one way or another. He also has a knack for breaking up passes and interrupting pass routes from his will position. He's a team leader and will be a key component for the Tigers in this tough road test.

Advantage: Barrow. I think a convincing case can be made for either. And truthfully, this post has a lot to do with the opposing fullbacks - Quayvon Hicks and JC Copeland. Copeland is going to be running at Herrera and the heart of the young UGA defense all night, clearing holes for his tailbacks to follow. Bobo will run at Barrow's weak side plenty, but I see the LSU senior having more freedom to make more plays over the course of the game.