Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are we ready for disappointment?

Logan gives me a headache with this. His essential question is are the fans ready for the disappointment of losing the SECCG should the Dawgs make it there?
And while you enjoy winning those games, why don’t you silently root for Missouri to knock off Tennessee and Texas A&M so that they can be the ones with long faces as they make the slow walk out of the Georgia Dome in the middle of the third quarter as the pompous, arrogant, self-deserving fans of the Crimson Tide mock them, and not you, as they begin celebrating their third consecutive trip to the BCS championship game.
I guess my only answer would be, if the team is suiting up, I'm ready to follow. God knows I didn't become a Georgia fan to pick and choose the battles. My feeling has always been, if we're given an "extra" game, count me in!