Monday, October 14, 2013

Controlling your own destiny is nice and all...

...but history in the SEC East tends to favor the strong finishers.

That being said, Georgia knows two things midway through the SEC slate.

1. Win out and Atlanta is still a very real possibility. Missouri may be in the drivers seat, but there'll be a new quarterback doing the steering. Florida and South Carolina have a lot to play for and should prove difficult tests for the Tigers, even at home. The Gators also controls its own fate, but is having trouble scoring. They are 13th in the league in scoring offense as well as total offense. At some point they are going to have to put up a bigger number than they've been asked to so far. South Carolina meanwhile needs Georgia to lose again before it can re-enter the picture with clarity.

2. In a season that has seen Grantham's defense learn the ropes against a gauntlet of high powered offenses, much of the big scoring threats (LSU, South Carolina, Missouri) are in the rear view. Florida and Kentucky make up the bottom of the offensive categories. Both Auburn and Vanderbilt average over 33 points a game and will be true road tests for Richt's team. Focus shouldn't be an issue this week as the Dawgs should come out hungry and eager.

And if they can get to Auburn with still just the one SEC loss, they should find themselves in good position again.