Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gameday - battle tested or battle weary?

I think it's the former. And that is something we know these pansies from the midwest are not, having blitzed through a slate of games my daughter's flag football team could manage.

Anyway, here's some thoughts as I hit the road for Athens:

  • Can we have the old Quayvon back? We caught a nice glimpse, but then he all but disappeared. I think there's more than has been alluded to (couple missed assignments against North Texas, Hall playing more consistently). There could be more there, regardless it'd be nice to see him in there even more than we saw last week. As much as I like me some Merritt Hall, Quayvon is a difference maker there and seals the edge so well on those basic pitch runs to the tailback.
  • Speaking of basic plays, does Bobo dumb things down dial things back today offensively? He's got more younger players taking the field than he has in a while. Plus, there has to be a concerted effort to keep Missouri's offense off the field. And then if need be, can the offense switch gears fast enough if it becomes yet another shoot out?
  • And speaking of concerted efforts, can we play as a whole team today? Can the special teams, offense and defense rise together to greet this very occasion with similar levels of intensity, focus and sheer will? I really want to see more pressure on Franklin, and I think that's where we see the difference in the schedules pay off for Georgia as opposed to the team with all the cupcake icing around their mouth.
Our offensive and defensive lines have been grinding things out for over a month. Most games are won in the trenches. I like our chances right there.

Go Dawgs!