Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Humpday Hilarity - fun with statues

h/t Mac  Creative:                                                            This man has                                                            transformed a                                                            relatively                                                            staid image                                                            into a                                                            hilarious                                                            comic tableau  Getting                                                            in the way:                                                            This woman has                                                            taken the male                                                            statue all for                                                            herself,                                                            pushing the                                                            approaching                                                            girl away

High                                                            five! This man                                                            knows how to                                                            turn an                                                            immovable                                                            artwork into                                                            an interactive                                                            exhibit  Surreptitious:                                                            This chap                                                            appears to be                                                            picking up a                                                            bribe from                                                            behind the                                                            back of a                                                            venerable                                                            figure  Do you                                                            want to know a                                                            secret? The                                                            good-natured                                                            saxophonist                                                            looks as if he                                                            is bending                                                            down to the                                                            woman

Updated:                                                            Benjamin                                                            Franklin is                                                            using an                                                            iPhone to take                                                            a 'selfie'                                                            photograph in                                                            this surreal                                                            picture  Villain:                                                            Spider-Man                                                            finds himself                                                            in a spot of                                                            bother when he                                                            runs into this                                                            commanding                                                            statue  Ow! One                                                            baseball fan                                                            is left in                                                            pain thanks to                                                            an aggressive                                                            artwork at the                                                            Cincinnati                                                            Reds' stadium

Tagging                                                            along: This                                                            web user has a                                                            look of terror                                                            as he holds on                                                            to a little                                                            girl's leg  Cheeky:                                                            He may look                                                            unassuming,                                                            but this                                                            statue has                                                            distinctly                                                            old-fashioned                                                            views on                                                            sexual                                                            harassment  Giant:                                                            This huge                                                            statue's firm                                                            grasp is                                                            enough to lift                                                            the poor man                                                            completely off                                                            the grou nd

Watch                                                            out: It looks                                                            as it the huge                                                            marble statue                                                            has managed to                                                            sneak up on a                                                            terrified                                                            woman  Saucy:                                                            This woman                                                            looks shocked                                                            but pleased to                                                            be caught in a                                                            compromising                                                            position with                                                            an artwork  Obscene:                                                            This man has                                                            posed with a                                                            statue of a                                                            giant moose                                                            and                                                            manoeuvered                                                            himself into                                                            an X-rated                                                            pose