Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It ain't December yet.

Look, I get it. I hear all the clamoring about how great Alabama is. There is no question (and hasn't been for some time actually) that they are not only the class of the SEC, but the standard for winning across the nation.

But to just give up as some twitters and message bored posts and bookface updates would suggest is as far out of the question as Kentucky winning the national championship this season. There's a reason players start preparing on cold January mornings. There's a reason coaches live at the athletic facilities during the season. It's to play the season out. It's to take each game one at a time. The next game is the most important game. And the next one happens to be in Jacksonville!

It may be cliche to say, stranger things have happened when talking about Georgia's chances at going back to Atlanta. But it's only fair to ask - doesn't the team deserve our support from the start of the season through til the finish? Is it worth turning your back on Aaron Murray and Garrison Smith and every player in red and black to invest in whatever likelihood there is at being right about Alabama winning the conference?

It's a steady limb for sure. But is it a comfortable one?