Thursday, October 31, 2013

With all due respect, maybes ain't gon' cut it come Saturday.
Trent Frix and Nathan Theus are competing this week for the gig after punter Collin Barber couldn’t handle a high snap from Frix in the loss at Vanderbilt on a costly special teams blunder.
“We’ve kind of opened the competition back up and really analyzed what both those guys are doing,” said assistant coach John Lilly, who oversees the unit and makes the decision. “That’s the great thing about an open week. It gives you a little bit more time to work on some of those things. I think we’ve cleaned up maybe some of the techniques things that maybe could cause something to go awry. We’ll find out as we play the rest of the season." [emphasis added]
Like Blutarsky said, with the bye week, more time and all that, why not open up the gates and cast a wider net?