Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mumme Poll, week 8

Some dramatic changes made this week's ballot feel almost like starting all over again.

  • Alabama
  • FSU
  • Oregon
  • Missouri
  • Ohio State
  • Stanford
  • Baylor
  • Miami
  • Clemson
  • Auburn
Just outside - LSU, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M.

Some other notes:
  • It says something about this week's turnover when last week I had Missouri just outside the top ten slots and this week they were firmly within my top five.
  • Feel pretty good about Bama, FSU, Oregon, Mizzou, and Ohio State. The last five presented a challenge though. Miami I believe is over ranked. Auburn may be as well. Clemson could've fallen out altogether.
  • In the end I felt more comfortable with a one loss Auburn and one loss Clemson ahead of an undefeated Texas Tech based almost purely on the schedule each team has played. But the Red Raiders have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State next. So they could prove something real quick.