Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Murray's legs divide the Gray Sea

First, sit back and enjoy reliving this moment.

Second, I just love that Mrs. Bernie was overjoyed that Murray switched the ball to his left arm once he reached the third level. Fumbles scare the beejesus out of my better half.

But most importantly, what an incredible run that was birthed by a wide open field. At live speed I thought it was a designed run. It also could've been just an easy read for Murray to make, or coaches could've pointed out to him that the field might open up for him like that at specific times. Frankly, I don't care the situation prior. When he splits that defense in half your heart goes from third to fifth gear in a hurry. Then it's all GOSHDARNITSCOREPLEASESCOREPLEASESCORE!!!!

I know it's Wednesday and we're closer to taking on our next SEC opponent than we are from our last SEC win, but I just needed to get this out. Because as we near the end of this guy's career, this will be one play we come back to over and over again to remember him with once he's gone.

Damn Good Dawg!!