Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Richt, Grantham...opposite corners, but same ring

Look, this team is going to fight hard to win out. That's great and is exactly what we'd expect them to do. Meanwhile, those of us outside the arena, on blogs and message boreds and the twitters, are going to spend great time and effort offering up solutions as extreme as hiring Nick Saban at eleventy billion dollars a year to as simple as building an indoor practice facility so that we can lose to Vandy in style.

But for me, I'm a more immediate gratification/attention deficit disordered guy. I can't think about bowl options, firing coaches, what next year will be like, who's on first, what recruits are thinking. (I mean, seriously?), or what I'm going to have for lunch. Because right now, in all my despair and all my frustration, there's only one thing I can concentrate on - beating the shit out of florida. And in order for me to be able to give that my full attention, I'm just going to purge some thoughts here over the next couple days. Play along if you like.

For now let's start with the most interesting one. Richt and Grantham need to just fight it out. Even before all of the rumors began to swirl yesterday, I've thought for some time now that there's been a lot of tension between the two. In my mind it goes back to January and the Philadelphia Eagles. But I could definitely be wrong about that time table. But I don't think I'm wrong about them having words. I know what I saw in Knoxville. Richt was clearly fed up with using timeouts so that Grantham could get his defense set and ready some time before the next millenium. They had words. And Richt has taken a couple occasions with the media to point out some suggestions - playing more inside linebackers, dumbing down to playbook, getting calls in quicker. I can't say for certain if those suggestions have also been provided to Grantham in a more direct manner.

But it's Tuesday of a bye week before the annual trip to Jacksonville. Good time to hash some things out, air some grievances, have a skirmish in the coaches meeting. Coaches are competitive by nature. And regardless of what you think of the staff as a whole or a particular coach individually, they all want to win the next game. Tension can be a motivator.

Let's use it to get on the same page guys; the one that continues this streak against our bitter rivals.