Monday, October 28, 2013

Shorter Bianchi: Muschamp no Maximus Decimus

Any chance I get to use a reference to this movie.
It can't be good for Muschamp that the Orlando Sentinel troll dog himself is on his side. Or is he? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Regardless Bianchi cuts to the chase here:
But Muschamp better quickly liven up his offense or Florida Field will be like a morgue next season. Many Gator fans weren't enamored with Muschamp's style even when he was winning games. The already-dwindling season-ticket base will shrivel up even more if the Gators continue to lose. And, let's face it, when the customers stop buying your product in any business, people start losing their jobs.
In today's economic climate, fans aren't going to invest thousands of dollars to show up at a stadium and watch a bad, boring offense. In this era of offensive football, fans not only want to win, they want to be entertained.
Right now, the Gators aren't winning and they aren't entertaining.
This is a lethal combination for a football coach.
Playing the economic climate card is the kiss of death in discussions about college football coaches' records. In Gainesville it seems poor Will is a victim of his offense's own ineptitude.

But still hard to feel sorry for a guy who's been a "gator his whole life".