Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday thoughts on getting the hell out of Knoxville

On a day when even the head coach was injured (cut his finger sitting down for the post game presser)...on a day when the training table saw nearly as many silver britches as the bench...on a day when Tennessee played their best game of the's just good to get up and get out.

Seriously, seeing the team come over and console Keith Marshall (who was quickly on his way to a really big day) was one of the saddest moments I've experienced as a Dawg fan. Hope all of our Dawgs have quick and successful recoveries.

Onto the game, there were two tweets that I saw that summed things up best. First, Ching gives major props where they're due:

"Give Murray etc. credit. Absolutely nothing went right for them today and they found a way to win. This one's gonna hurt longterm, though"

And then I liked this quote that Streit passed along:

Murray on his long run: "There was a split-second where I was like, 'Slide'. But then I said screw it, let's go for it." #MurrayForHeismen

You can't ask more from your quarterback than to do what Murray has done to win these last two games.

As for my first trip to Knoxvegas, great atmosphere. Had a spectacular time seeing familiar faces against a less familiar backdrop, as well as meeting new Dawg fans from all around. The Vol fans were submissively cautious pregame, very, very loud during, and grateful afterwards.

That's about all I can manage from my phone this morning. Gonna be a hard week. Made a little easier with a win. But difficult nonetheless. 

Go Dawgs!