Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday headers - anchoring down

Some news and notes from Vanderbilt as well as Athens. As well as Vegas. Well, not really.

- Need a Woody Widenhofer reference this morning? Okay, Vanderbilt will be making a CBS appearance Saturday for the first time in over a decade! And it's the first time a game at Vanderbilt Stadium has been on CBS in over 20 years.
- Commodore defensive end Kyle Woestmann feels good about being able to "exploit" Georgia's offensive line and pressure Murray. This has been an area of emphasis for Vanderbilt in the off week as their ability to pressure the quarterback has seen a significant drop off since conference play started.
- Meanwhile, in other news, former Commodores Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey will stand trial next August.
-If you thought some of the names on the new playoff selection committee were interesting, how about the selection criteria? Talk about having a lot of gray area to work in.
- It's been eight years since the ACC had a matchup of two top five teams. Clemson is looking for payback.
- Georgia is one of three SEC East teams favored on the road this weekend, giving 8.5. Florida is favored over host Missouri by 3.5 and South Carolina by a touchdown over Tennessee. That covers everyone in the division except for Kentucky, who is getting 3.5 from Bye Week.

Just don't use up too much of that 2014 Kentucky Derby money!