Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tread lightly

It was a tough loss. It's not easy to see your team's chances at something super fantastic go down the drain right before your eyes. At home no less. But let's take a moment to caution ourselves. We know it's already become a piss and vinegar kind of week on social media and message boreds and around the water cooler at the office. We know coaches' heads are gonna be called for and there will be a lot of people throwing in the towel as they leap off the bandwagon.

And to be honest, I understand some of it...with the notable exception of calling out players. I attempted to re-watch the game yesterday in hopes of finding something to hang our hat on defensively and being able to post a wrap up on the game today. I made it almost to halftime. Folks, it was a bad game. Really bad.

The only semi-cogent thought I can put together for the Missouri loss is that when we finally wore down to where the offense needed the defense to step up - something the offense had been doing more than their fair share of the previous five games - they just didn't. They couldn't come close.

If you're susceptible to the kind of venomous vitriol we'll see and hear this week...if it hurts you deep...if it compels you to join the din of squeaky wheels demanding grease...well, just opt out. Maybe log off that website where "fans" go to bitch about Richt's record and Grantham blows and how their car won't start and Bobo is the worst and their wife talks too much and their oatmeal is too cold and Terrance Edwards dropped that pass in Jacksonville and the Government is an asshole and their job doesn't pay enough and their kids' teachers suck and the only good player we ever had in the history of Georgia football is Herschel Walker!

Miserable people are going to be miserable. And this is a week when they have both reason to and the means with which to air it. More power to them. Me? I'm moving on. Sure, I'll afford myself moments of abject despair. But it'll be followed by a deep breath and a commitment to beating the shit out of Florida!