Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vandy- what to look for today

I've been up much of the night preparing a couple pork shoulders. During the game the guys and I will be making our next batch of beer. All in all, outside the arena it is shaping up to be a nice Saturday.

I hope it is inside the arena as well. Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Offensive line consistency. If those guys up front don't come to play and come to play hard, it's going to be a long afternoon for Georgia fans. And an even longer one for Aaron Murray. A Todd Gurley can help mask some inconsistencies on the line. But without him and a host of other playmakers, Murray really needs these guys to step up.
  • How "set" is the defense. I really think Tyler hit on something big with his post earlier in the week about the defensive play calling. If for nothing else it gives us something to look for today. The last thing a young and not very confident defense needs is getting calls in late from the sideline.
  • Who steps up on offense? Murray needs someone to take the pressure off. When he starts to feel like it is all on him is when we start to see the uncharacteristic mistakes. Can Reggie Davis be that guy? Can Jay Rome or Artie Lynch be released to run some routes? Does JJ Green go on a tear?
  • Defensive ditto. The same goes for the defense that is still looking for an identity. Ray Drew is really playing well by pressuring the quarterback, but Vandy will use a lot of quick passes to slow down the pass rush. Can a defensive lineman get their hand into one of those passing lanes to create a deflection? Better yet, can a defensive back react quick enough to jump a route?
  • Special teams. They've become the equivalent of a four letter word around Athens. But games in Nashville tend to be very difficult for Georgia. Whether it keeps the pace as a high flying touchdown frenzy or devolves into a low scoring slugfest somehow, special teams will play a key role. Every kickoff is important and every punt is crucial.
That's a lot to ask I know. But sure would be nice to go into the off week before Florida with both a win and a lot of confidence!