Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday's gimpy ankle headers

Looking more and more like Todd Gurley won't be ready by the time the team leaves for Knoxville. Let's just hope that has much more of an impact on his Heisman numbers than the actual game itself.

Some other things of note:
  • A lot of comparisons to Saturday's win over LSU in terms of crowd noise/excitement with 1984's win over Clemson. I wasn't there for Kevin's Butler's monster kick, but Marshall was. So he adds some thoughts on the big win.
  • And in another post, sUGArdaddy has some cool and historical thoughts on the LSU game, as well as some observations.
  • Any way Connelly breaks down the stats, he comes to the only conclusion possible - LSU at Georgia was just a remarkable game.
  • Another fun activity this week has been all of the pictures from the LSU game. Tyler brings up some good "winning" ones from Jim Hipple. The second does the most for me I guess - Richt fist pumping, Bauta flying, troopers smirking, Watts Dantzler just being Watts.
  • Where was Quayvon on Saturday? Mostly spectating like me and you.
  • Chris Conley gets mic'd up!
  • Murray Poole scouts Tennessee.
  • It's been a while since Tennessee beat a ranked team. Quite a while.
  • Looking for some Vol stats in bold colors? Here ya go. Like we said yesterday, Butch Jones' first defense up there really knows how to take the ball away.
Lastly, Loran writes a letter to Larry Munson. Can you imagine the replay his voice would be getting this week if he'd been around to give us the picture on Mett's last incompletion?