Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Coach Richt would like us to know more about Jalen Whitlow

So here he is.
Although the average yards per rush and yards per pass attempt isn't on par with Nick Marshall, the attempts per game in both categories is almost equal to the Auburn playmaker we just went up against. So Richt is right to worry about another dual threat quarterback.

The difference is the playmakers around Whitlow as compared to Marshall. The Kentucky quarterback is the Wildcats' leading rusher. So they don't have a Tre Mason. And they definitely don't have a Sammie Coates who is averaging over 22 yards a reception on the Plains. Kentucky's Javess Blue (number 8 in your program) is their leading receiver - 35 for 451 yards.

So Whitlow poses a threat with his arm and his feet, but the surrounding cast around Whitlow alone should make things easier for the defense this week as compared to last.

*Kentucky has also used Maxwell Smith a lot at quarterback this season. But he hasn't played the last two games.