Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Early look at Kentucky

This post won't be as much about the Wildcats. I'll look more closely at them later. But there are a few things I'm curious about in the days leading up to the last home game of the season.

First, and this should be fairly simple, is how the coaches shift gears after that emotional loss on the plains. It certainly helps that this is Senior Day and Aaron Murray's last game 'tween the hedges to boot. Those two things are enough to get everybody on the same page quickly. It should also help that the game is at night, so despite the lackluster opponent and the current record, the place should be rocking. But there could certainly be lingering effects from Auburn's dramatic win. The coaches should have a close eye on that for sure.

Next, how aggressive does Grantham get with the gameplan? This defense is struggling. But there's a lot of talent and they've shown themselves to be a different beast when the pressure is applied. Does he trust his guys enough to unleash them on Kentucky and try to impose our will early rather than later?

Also, kickoffs. We had zero touchbacks against Auburn. Pretty sure that was by design as I don't think we targeted the endzone on a single kickoff. But, Auburn's starting field position on kickoffs was their own 27. That number is mainly due to a fourth quarter where the kick coverage team was on a tear, forcing the Tigers to start their drives from the 11, 19 and 22.

Still, as much as I enjoyed watching Blake Sailors and Connor Norman make those plays on the returns, I'd jump for joy if we would just let Morgan kick the cover off the thing.