Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Faint recollections from the Cocktail Party

See, I am Wonder Mike and I'd like to say hello!...One, two, three, four. Come on girls! Get on the floor!

One thing I never learned in Blogging School is that your golf game could become part of  full length feature film's trailer. Also, I should add that none of Perry's many engaging personalities were harmed getting down off of that party bus. Or witnessing Chris' blow torch!

So no full blown video with interviews this week. Probably a good call on Nama's part. Beyond what you saw there, other achievements that were unlocked - a deceptively fast black van, corn hole using RVs as natural hazards, Oscar convincing me he was in Jax lockup, the Church's chicken, cheese and egg biscuit, a small yet impressive sampling of The Wrangler's Sunday School class meeting on SSI at 1am, many a sad, empty growler, and an exponentially greater number of sad gator fans making questionable life choices.