Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's "Tryptophanatical Nap"....and "When Flag Boys Get Old"

It's a getaway day. As in getaway from the northlands of the hokies and the wahoos. Gotta get back to lend my voice to Historic Mark Richt Field on Saturday. That's the good news.

The bad is that I didn't finish the post that was supposed to go here. Family, turkey and then even more turkey got in the way, which isn't such bad news after all. Still, I feel as though I need to give you something to get you charged up for tomorrow. So here's a couple links to the last two nerdy miseries.

2012 - Birthday at Little Bighorn
We watched as senior kicker Kanon Parkman set up to kick a winning field goal, just as he’d done four years earlier as a freshman, My God!. The snap was good and the hold was true. But the kick was about the ugliest thing you could imagine. I swear it never lifted higher than Coach Goff’s signature ball cap, maybe even lower than his horn rimmed glasses. It wobbled a lot more than it spun. Its magnificence was only confined by its aim, which was true. Kanon’s leg was dead on. It knuckled its way to Glory! I jumped victoriously and sent a heartfelt thanks towards the Heavens...
2011 - nerdtroopers and linebacking warlocks
They hate Munson even though their own play by play guy admired him. They pissed on Uga's grave. They're completely obsessed with the bigger, better and more balanced institution in Athens. They breed terrorists and have a flag boy. They smugly chastise Georgia for parking violations and scooter tickets while they cover up a $400 NCAA violation and use players who peddle drugs across the country. Their sororities are actually robotics clubs. Their stadium is the envy of nearly half of the arena league franchises. They scream that UGA is the "cesspool of the South", against the backdrop of Techwood crime rates and broken crack pipes. They brag about their wrambled wreck running over our mascot. They hire band members and cheerleaders to assemble with them. They this...

It's a Mambogook, mind your gaps kind of game. Let's get ready to take care of business. See y'all on the flats. And tell Gov. Deal to bring his cup.

Go Dawgs!