Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gameday! Homecoming! Let's do this!

Hey, if you're in Athens, have a great day! The opponent may not spark the typical gameday ignition. But Homecoming is such a great time to be in Athens. Teach your kids about some traditions. Give a stranger a fistbump. Ring the bell!

If you're not joining us, hunker down and relax. We got this. We're gonna have a great game, reminisce with friends and get after it!

Now, some other thoughts for the day.

  • Right off the bat, LSU beats Bama tonight. Mark it. Lester is Nicky's kryptonite.
  • How long does Gurley play? Probably as long as he wants. But I tend to think midway through the second...quarter.
  • How many points do the Mountaineers score? I'd put the over/under at 17 and bet the under.
  • Who do y'all think is the offensive star today? I'm hoping someone like Reggie Davis or Jonathan Rumph. But I'd hazard a guess with JJ Green first.
  • Other action: Florida rebounds against Vandy, Mizzou handles Kentucky, Auburn rolls on Rocky Top, Ole Miss beats Arkansas and A&M trounces Missy State. Chickens take a nap.
  • Elswhere, FSU sleeps its way to another win, Oregon wins loses, Clemson and Tech rest up for a weekday meeting.
  • Aaron Rodgers' injury has left the door open for a former Dawg. Can Matt Stafford get the Lions on top up there? Here's some analysis on the Lions vs Bears
  • Seahawks are wondering if Roddy White's return could bolster the Falcons' roster.
  • And my little flag football team finishes their season tomorrow. Please pray they all show up with their flags, and the fortitude to make it through an entire game without having to go to the bathroom. Or chase rogue butterflies.
Lastly, here's a list of top betting sites if you're really bored. And really, Bama could run away early. Maybe. I just think LSU has a better shot than most think.