Monday, November 25, 2013

Not your average quarterback

I've read some unappreciative (at best) and ridiculously malicious comments on social media by supposed Georgia "fans" after Aaron Murray's injury. Some people will never get over the fact that Georgia's greatest quarterback never had a defense to compliment him. Why they take that as an opportunity to attack someone who gave all he had and then some is well beyond me.

Anyway, one remark was especially ill-conceived and contemptible, attacking Murray's character of all things. I've only met Aaron once and don't pretend to know him personally. But some things just speak for themselves. (h/t Hester)
But what sets #11 apart from the other men across the nation is the whole definition, “a person who leads or directs a group” # 11 is more than an arm, more than a quick mind, more than a handsome face or a leader on the field. # 11 has written a story, here in Athens, far greater than points on a scoreboard. He is a man who gives time & attention to those who are often stared at & forgotten. A man who has helped his team to change their perspective & use their position to engage. He is a soul that chose to use what he had to give to something greater than himself.
I had intended to add that I would now focus my attention on the "new" Georgia quarterback. But you know, Murray is and always will be worthy of any and all necessary space here. He's earned it tenfold.