Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday's thoughts on mourning a win

Because seriously, College Football won't give us anything this season without taking a knee ligament as a sacrifice. It's absurd the ways in which she torments us, even as we celebrate as complete a win, and compete a football game as we've seen in quite some time.

Damn you College Football. Damn. You.

- Just sick to my stomach all over again for Murray this morning. You mean to tell me his last pass in Sanford, and probably as a Georgia Bulldog altogether was a tipped pass interception? That sucks. Makes me violently depressed.
- I just keep seeing him go down, force himself back into the huddle, angrily unsnap his helmet on the sideline, force himself back onto the field and then being carried off. He was supposed to enjoy a second half celebration as Mason guided things the rest of the way. He was supposed to direct the band again and make his victory round post game. Damn. Just damn.
- Moving on, this was a complete effort. It was a beat down. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Todd Gurley is a grown ass man. Able to fly when needed. And Lord help the poor defensive back that stands between him and his goal when he gets a full head of steam, unabated through the line of scrimmage.
- Mason looked really good in relief. Plays with the confidence you'd expect (and want) from an experienced back up. Couple of throws looked like he waited a bit too long for them to develop. But the line gave him plenty of time to work through his progressions.
- Defensively, I think you start with turnover margin. For just the third time this season we won the turnover battle, gaining three fumbles helped that effort significantly. The defense played with speed and intensity. Causing fumbles (even when Kentucky seemed content to help matters) is a sign that there was no let down after Auburn.
- Kentucky only managed 10 total first downs, was three of 12 on third down efficiency and gained just 211 yards. You take away Dyshawn Mobley 69 yard jaunt and this was a total dominating effort.
- That said, the missed assignment on the Wildcats' touchdown run is a glaring example of what makes preparing for Georgia Tech on one week such a daunting task. They live off plays like that where they wear you down and get one missed tackle or a safety out of position, boom.
- Sorry for getting off track there. This post is designed for celebrating this win. And we should. The seniors had a great game: Lynch with two touchdown catches and even Murray was on his way to another record setting performance before he had to leave.
- And Garrison Two sacks, two forced fumbles, seven total tackles. This from a guy who usually saves his best game for the season finale against Tech, this is a very good sign.

And now we move on to Tech! It was a great Senior Night overall. Crowd was good. Students lead the way again too. It was a good way to close down Sanford until next April's GDay. GO Dawgs!