Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"WHATS THE GOOD WORD?"...Obsession

Yesterday I offered some pretty raw initial thoughts on the annual renewal of Clean Ol' Fashioned Hate. I then spent nearly twelve hours in a the rain and the cold...with three female bladders.

Are we there yet?

So all I'm saying is I had some time to think, and pray for Murray and Scott-Wesley's knees. And avoid dipshits who drink pepsi. I practically wrote friday's misery in my head in the 236 miles it takes to traverse NC in a vehicle on the rain...and the cold...okay, we've done that already.

Today I just want to ask you not to sink to the bees' hive mind. I get the hate and the ill will and the bad feelings. I wanna beat them like a drum. I was there when Kanon Parkman's knuckler found the air between the goalposts and it was the biggest win I had experienced (at the time). But just listening to people in our neighborhoods and across fence posts and reading the social media trash talk, you come to understand that the nerds are far more obsessed with this game than we are. 

I believe as Dawg fans we are invested in Clean Ol' Fashioned Hate. And I know our team is. Even us old folks that grew up with this game meaning so much. We only have to hate them for a week or so. But they are pathologically obsessed with UGA. They spend an entire!, Check that!...a lifetime hating us. It's both sad and comical really. They're cute the way they get worked up into a lather over ignoring Reuben Houston and exaggerating scooter transgressions and insisting they are the more academic lot. Cute!

I just say, thank God we have a coach that knows how to prepare his team for a little brother with a napoleon complex. Thankful that when a nerd buzzes in my ear I can just point to the absurdly lop-sided series record and realize a life outside of stingtalk and my parents' basement.

Now I'm off to celebrate another year of being awesome and to give thanks for friends and family. Perhaps I'll make a wish that Reuben earns that extra time in the yard, or that they all can learn to ride actual bikes instead of tricycles, or learn to block like a man instead of diving at opponents' knees, or that their school will change its color from piss yellow to something more fitting of a program that once had Heisman himself on payroll...

Nah. I'll just wish for the same thing I always do - another win at Historic Mark Richt Field. Go Dawgs!