Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WLOCP wrap up

I think I've regained enough sleep to compose some semi-cogent thoughts. Pulling three consecutive late nights, eating as if calories were a concept from Mars, drinking from a refillable Sanford Stadium cup, then adding in the euphoria that is Jacksonville after a WLOCP win, and you've got an old guy needing some recovery time.

To be perfectly clear, I've never had a bad time on WLOCP weekend. It's just that when the actual game matches the exuberance of the trip itself, it transcends awesome. Because there ain't nothing like beating the Florida Gators!
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  • Heading down to Jacksonville through the moist air Saturday morning I made a note that I thought the offensive line play would be key. While that may not have been very prophetic, it carried out just that way. Sure, Georgia only averaged a little less than a yard a rush more than Florida, but Coach Friend's crew only gave up two sacks for 15 yards while Florida gave up four for 28. 
  • And no sack was bigger or more clutch than Corey Moore's. Fantastic call and very well executed.
  • Gurley's presence was huge. That's stating the obvious. But when a freshman tailback comes in and runs over your top ranked defense, well...that had to be a bit demoralizing. And another word for demoralizing in this case is fantastic!!
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one that cringed whenever we lined up for a punt. But it is time to give credit where it is due. Special teams play was solid. Theus did a great job on long snaps and Marshall Morgan keeps doing his thing.
  • Before leaving the game itself, I just want to express (or attempt to come close to) how damn proud I am of two players especially. While joining Buck Belue and Johnny Rauch as the only Georgia quarterbacks to beat Florida three or more times is indeed elite, rarefied air, the way in which Murray obtained his particular three wins is truly special. They were never easy. But I think if you reflect back on his three trips to Jacksonville you will recall some special throws and some gutsy performances. Kudos to you Aaron Murray!
  • And Garrison Smith...I knew this guy had himself a bigger game that what I had seen from the stands when I saw Sunday morning that Mrs. Bernie had posted a couple pics to Instagram off the CBS feed of him doing some work. Then I saw some of his post-game interviews and read some of the wrap-ups from the locker room. This guy's something special. I know I said it already earlier today, but it is true leadership when you walk what you talk. And Garrison does it on the field and off. Cheering his entrance onto the field come Senior Day against Kentucky is already putting a bitter-sweet taste in my mouth.

Lastly, many thanks to the hospitality of St. Simons Island. Our stay at the Hall-iday Inn was as pleasant as ever. And while I have no Earthly idea why y'all put up with the foolishness of "frat beach", I sure am glad y'all put up with me and my crew - Wonder Mike, Nama, Perry, the Sugarhill Gang, the Wrangler, Terry, Rob Base, Perald, and the Ying Yang Twins once a year.

Do The Humpty Dance and stay fresh SSI! And Go Dawgs!